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Thursday, July 13, 2006

US Congressional Race, MD 8th District...

So, we all know that Chris Van Hollen wants to be re-elected to Congress. However, there are three Republicans and one Democrat who are challenging him.

Daniel Farhan Zubairi was the first Republican to enter the race, and as most reasonable people have noticed: he makes no sense. If he really wants to run for Congress, he might as well say so.

Next we have Jeff Stein. Stein is my personal favorite, and I think you should vote for him! Stein is serious about the problems facing us and the total ignorance of our politicians of American history. Now, let me ask: why do we learn history? Jeff Stein is very familiar with how our country got where we are today and isn't going to throw it away because some college professor or some Zubairi says we should. Check out his site here!

And just recently Gus Alzona just got listed as a candidate! I have no clue what Alzona thinks about anything, because Alzona has yet to say anything on the subject. I've sent him an email asking him for some info. But I think that looking at his site, Alzona looks like a serious corporatist. He even says something about being involved with the Federal Reserve! Now, I think that that may be enough to disqualify him. Most Americans would demand the end of the Federal Reserve if they only knew what it really did!

My conclusion at this point is: 1. Register Republican (at least until this election's over), 2. Vote Jeff Stein in the primary election, 3. If Jeff Stein wins, then vote for him in the general election.

If Jeff Stein doesn't win the primary, I may advise not voting for any congressional candidate, so as to indicate my lack of agreement with their ideas. If you vote for them, they assume you like them, even if you don't.

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